What are the functions of erotic lingerie?

What are the functions of erotic lingerie?
Does erotic lingerie really add to the fun?
Both genders and male and female protagonists are able to adapt to different genders and different gender stereotypes in the way they taste.
Do erotic lingerie really work?
Yes, it is useful. To put it bluntly, it has an obvious effect and can increase interest. This thing will make people want to wear it.
What is the difference between erotic underwear and ordinary underwear?
It is an exposed style, for sex, exaggerated, more pornographic, used for pornography, obstructing thoughts, and it is traditionally sold to the general public. If you want a sex shop, you can go to an online sex monopoly shop to buy if it is a hindrance to your face, but beware of being deceived.
For erotic lingerie?
Because only erotic lingerie can bring out the best performance of a woman, therefore, the man's head is full of obscene and erotic sprinkles...
Do erotic lingerie really work?
If it is interesting, it is concerned with this person, something that can attract people, can attract people's attention, and can mobilize people.

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