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I had an argument with my boyfriend, what should I do?

1. Acting like a baby

When you and your boyfriend are in a cold war, you figured it out and want to keep going; then whether you are wrong or he is wrong, don't take it to heart; go to his side and act cute to him ;You are like a rascal, wants is to make him laugh.
If he doesn't smile, you will always act coquettishly in front of him; for example, you want him to hug you, just like a child, you want an adult to hug you; at this time, he will definitely feel that there is nothing he can do about you taste.

2. Take the initiative to apologize,admit mistakes and ask for understanding

It is unavoidable for two people on the road of love to have different opinions and different ideas; so when there is a cold war between you and your boyfriend, no matter whether you are right or wrong; you can put everything down and take the initiative Walk up to your boyfriend, apologize to him, and admit your mistakes.
Because there must be no slap between you; you must be wrong, but he must also have some problems; as long as you take the initiative to apologize, he will actually consider that he has indeed done something wrong; so He will naturally push the boat and forgive you.

3. Prove your love with actions

When your boyfriend is in a cold war with you, if you love him, don’t keep fighting with him; you have to go to his side, make delicious food for him to eat, and cook tonic soup for him specially; you pay without complaint or regret, Give without asking for anything in return; even if he is an iceberg, he will be melted by you; so use your actions to prove your great love, and he will naturally feel embarrassed and act coldly against you.

4. Learn from the roots and learn the tongue again

I have a cold war with my boyfriend, it must be because of a certain thing; at this time, there is no need to think too much; you can completely learn what happened to you in front of him, and do it again; you for a while, pretend to be you look.
After a while, you pretend to be him again; learn your contradictions in front of him, and re-enact the situation of your quarrel; he will definitely find it funny when he looks at you; I will argue with you again, so care about.

5. Entangle him and not let him go a moment

When your boyfriend is in a cold war with you, you can be entangled with him; wherever he goes, you follow him; Let him rest for a minute.
And tell him clearly that if he doesn't forgive you or ignore you, you will continue like this; make him unable to live and work; this kind of method only takes a while, and your boyfriend can only admit defeat.
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