How to say seductive words to your boyfriend?

You have to appear in his sight from time to time and let him notice you in order to make boys like you.
The first step to get close to the other party is to have all kinds of social information about him. Among them, mastering the phone number is very important, and many social software are connected with the phone number. In this era, it is very easy to find a person's contact information. It is ok to go through friends around you, or pretend to borrow his mobile phone to make a call, add his social media account.
As the saying goes, girls must feel smooth and smell good! For a woman, being well-dressed and neatly made-up is just basic decency, and the ability to exude a charming fragrance from her body is considered high-level sophistication. As a girl, you must maintain your charm at all times, releasing the charm buried in your bones every minute and every second, even the smell is addictive. The basic places to use perfume: on the joints of the hands, under the neck, behind the ears, inside the wrists, it is fragrant, and when the boys you like pass by you, they will stop and notice you.
Good hair quality is also very important. For those who have beautiful hair, just lightly flicking their hair with their hands will make everyone overwhelmed, and their gestures have a high-end texture.
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